Holiday Activities for Children (13 Feb 2012 – 2 Mar 2012)

Here are 4 articles for you guys to look through!  (:

The Importance of Getting Your Kids Involved in School Holiday Activities

“So the school holidays are rolling around again and you’re getting yourself all in a flutter thinking what to do and when to do it and all that. But have you ever stopped to think, why?”

Celebrating Holidays in Early Childhood Programs

“Curriculum demonstrates respect for everyone’s customs. If children are observing different holidays at the same time, the values and traditions of each child’s culture should be acknowledged.”

Holidays Around the World Unit Plan

“Students will explore celebrations, traditions and symbols related to a holiday or festival from their home countries and then investigate those from other parts of the world.”

Holidays a Good Time to Check in on Children

“…holiday season is a great time for parents to practice their skills to support the emotional well-being of their children”

Activities that you may like to try out with your children((:

Snowman on a Stick

Santas hat

Salt Dough Snowman Ornament

Pom pom xmas tree

Penguin Pals Ornaments

Paper Plate Ghost (paper_ghost_pattern)

Healthy Halloween Treats

Easy Layered Christmas Tree (easy-layered-christmas-tree-template-printable-photo-1009)

Creepy Crawly Spider Bracelet

Craft Stick Santa Claus (craft-stick-santa-claus-template-printable-photo-1009)

Christmas Cookie Gift Bag

Chenille Candy Canes

Cardboard Tube Angel (card_angel_pat)

Candy Bar Cookies on a Stick


Hello guys! We …

Hello guys! We are starting a new year (not so new now) and we hope that all of you guys reading (yes you!) will work with us to continue this tradition!!((:


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A video to share…


Just want to share this video which had inspired me. It’s about a bunch of children wanting to play soccer but due to the space constraint, they were not able to do so. However, they never gave up and came up with ways to make their dreams come true. Through the video, I have learnt that it is important not to listen to others’ negative comments but instead, we should prove to others that what they view as impossible is actually possible and we can survive the harshest condition with resiliency and perseverance.  In conclusion, as early childhood educators, we are there to make a difference in the early childhood field and no matter how much disapproval others give us, we must never give up and hang on to what we believe in!


Ng Bee Ying
Cohort 3

Amazing Hunt 2011

Hello everyone!

I bet most of you know already but here’s the official poster done up for the Amazing Hunt! If you haven’t done so, please let Edwina (Cohort 3) or Melisa (Cohort 4) know that you’re interested in joining us.

Goodie bags & prizes up for grabs so come & join us on Saturday!

Toys, Marketing & Consumerism

Hi ladies!

I came across an interesting video and website about toy marketing and commercialization. Don’t know if anyone has seen them before, but nevertheless I just thought it be would be interesting to share 😀

If you can’t view the vid, the link is here: The whole film is on youtube too!

This website also has a lot of other resources related to the topic.



Who do you eat?

Though my blogs are now defunct as I figured I do better with < 140 characters on twitter, I still browse through the archives to find anecdotes of children I’ve worked with – they make me laugh and remember why I still persevere in what I’m doing. I’m sure you all have these funny moments with the children which you remember – I’ve been told by mentors to jot them down as they’ll serve me well down the road!

Here’s one I noted on August 22, 2009 while I was working with K2s.

Boy: Miss Cynthia, ‘who’ how to spell?

Me: What do you mean?

Boy: ‘Who’, the ‘who do you eat’ that ‘who’

Me: who do you eat?!

Girl (who was listening to the conversation all the while): HUH? ‘who do you eat?’ Do you mean ‘what do you eat’? You want to eat a person?!

Boy: (laughs loudly, yet…) no… ‘who’ do you eat… How to spell…

Me: w-h-o…

And I burst out in laughter looking at how confused my girl was, and how oddly amused the boy looked.

I haven’t looked at the sentence he wrote, have to check it out tomorrow