Who do you eat?

Though my blogs are now defunct as I figured I do better with < 140 characters on twitter, I still browse through the archives to find anecdotes of children I’ve worked with – they make me laugh and remember why I still persevere in what I’m doing. I’m sure you all have these funny moments with the children which you remember – I’ve been told by mentors to jot them down as they’ll serve me well down the road!

Here’s one I noted on August 22, 2009 while I was working with K2s.

Boy: Miss Cynthia, ‘who’ how to spell?

Me: What do you mean?

Boy: ‘Who’, the ‘who do you eat’ that ‘who’

Me: who do you eat?!

Girl (who was listening to the conversation all the while): HUH? ‘who do you eat?’ Do you mean ‘what do you eat’? You want to eat a person?!

Boy: (laughs loudly, yet…) no… ‘who’ do you eat… How to spell…

Me: w-h-o…

And I burst out in laughter looking at how confused my girl was, and how oddly amused the boy looked.

I haven’t looked at the sentence he wrote, have to check it out tomorrow


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