Welcome to the portal of the Student Organization of Wheelock College – Singapore, Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies and Leadership. Here are some navigation tips to get you started – use the sidebar and you’ll find your way around!

Under Pages, you can find these basic information –

  • Wheelock College – Singapore Student Organization
  • Simple but important must-read guidelines to using this portal
  • Navigation instructions in case you’re lost!
You will see various topics under Categories.
  • Click on a topic to read all postings related to it!
Under Latest Posts, you can find
  • the latest 10 – 15 postings by members of the student organization. Click on them to read – the latest post is the first on the list!
In Archives, you can select a month –
  • This allows you to view all the postings submitted during the selected period.
Click on the links under Recent Comments to read what others have commented in different postings!
  • This allows you to easily identify and track comments left in different sections of the portal.
The various sites under Links include:
  • Other web portals/ spaces set up during the BSc academic program in relation to specific modules and courses
  • Any other relevant sites!
Under Members, you can find a list of all the members of the portal! 
  • If you wish to find specific posts by a particular member, click on his/her name and the posts will show up.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry – use the Search box, type in the key words and let WordPress do the job!


For members, click on the category, ‘Blog Help and Instructions‘ for help in getting you started on your first post!

4 thoughts on “Navigation

  1. cynthia, this is the ‘home page’ currently. i think we should shift it downwards so that our main-home page contains information about us. i think this is still under construction right? an intro about us would be good as well.

    ps: the publicity committee will be so happy to have a site like this!

  2. hey i’ve moved it. we just need to get the first page going and all. the publicity head can also be given more rights on the blog so that she can use this place to publicize events etc 🙂

  3. Cynthia, thanks so much for making this WordPress account for our Student Group work. I am currently starting out to figure out all the navigation – your explanations really helps. =)

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