Wheelock World Service Day: Live the Mission, Live the Love

Wheelock World Service Day is a project initiated by Wheelock College Alumni in Boston, where Wheelock alumnus from all over the world serve their communities. The learners of Cohort 2 in Singapore picked up the project and started the process of planning the project in Singapore.

‘Live the Love’ as we called it, took place in Rainbow Centre, Margaret Drive. The learners of Cohort 2 planned a total of four different kinds of activities: Drama, Craft, Story-Telling and Outdoor, revolving around the theme of Eric Carle, for the children, families and teachers of Rainbow Centre. We also worked closely with the staff at Rainbow Centre, Margaret Drive to ensure that the activities and games were appropriate for the children.

‘Live the Love’ took place on 22 April 2010 from 9am to 4.30pm. A day of fun, laughter and learning took place for the children at Rainbow Centre, Margaret Drive and also for us learners. It was indeed a day to remember! It was heart-warming, as I witnessed learners of Wheelock College having so much fun with the children and teachers at Rainbow Centre.

Through this experience of ‘Live the Love’, it has enabled me to apply what I learnt through Wheelock College and also to learn from the children and teachers at Rainbow Centre. Now that we Cohort 2 of Wheelock College, Singapore have graduated, let us all bring Wheelock’s Mission and Love to our different workplaces to make a difference in the lives of children and families!

Cohort 2, please feel free to write about what you experienced and learnt through Wheelock World Service Day.