Something a little overdue

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success. ~ Henry Ford


The Three Officers

We extend our welcome to all the committee members into the Student Organization. We look forward to working closely with you.

Let me have the pleasure to introduce to the student body the leaders for the various committees

[Events Committee] Leader: Karryn Kam Co-Leader: Yan Yan

[Publicity] Leader: Charlane Lee Co-Leader: Samantha See

[Orientation] Leader:Isabella Ong Co-Leader:Cassandra

Treasurer Comm: Amanda Liew & Alina Poh from Cohort 2 🙂

There’s a saying that we like from JF Kennedy and

now we asked ourselves,

-ask not what Wheelock can do for you, but

what YOU can do for Wheelock!-

~Student Organization, adapted from J.F Kennedy.

With that, our best wishes to everyone and we hope you are enjoying the well deserved break! 🙂


We’re on Facebook!

Click here to log in! Leave a wall post and Eli will watch out for you and add you in! Since many/most of you are on Facebook, we’re hoping that that group can help you receive updates regarding this portal more effectively, as well as to keep our network going.

Btw, for girls who have not attempted the survey on ‘Learners’ Working Experience’, we strongly encourage your participation (and just five minutes) to fill it up. We will be collating the results and speaking to David and Geraldine. There are plans to explore how to help us, the degree students of this program, investigate and secure good working positions. The survey will aid greatly in facilitating successful and meaningful support to all of you. 

So, please do give your 5-minutes and click here!

First Meeting Dates/ Times of Committees

Hey all,

Hope everyone’s been fine though we’re probably on the verge of pulling our hair out…

Anyway, I believe that the heads of the committees have contacted you regarding the first meeting dates… Can the committees please update your meeting dates/ times over here?

Funai, Jia Hui and I have had a crazy couple of weeks meeting both Geraldine and David and working our best to set things going on a good note. You’ll definitely hear more – including about Booossssttooooonnn (for Cohort 2) and Graaaaddduuuaaatiooonnnn (for Cohort 1)…..

Oh yes, and do watch this space because with more progression, we will update more about some guidelines on using the portal, including the posting/ sharing of work and resources. Will talk about what kind of content is appropriate to post, as well as where we can upload images and/or videos related to the program.

PS: If you haven’t voted in the recent poll, please do send your thoughts – over here!