How to Assess, and How Not To


Short excerpt that I got in my mail: key tips to assessment, concise and makes very much sense. Something to paste on our classroom shelf in the future!

ExchangeEveryDay, 5 Feb 09


Phonological Awareness is Child’s Play!

Click here (direct link to the document in NAEYC’s website).

An article on phonological awareness that’s useful for us, especially for the Cohort 2 girls too who are currently taking the module on Literacy. It also answers one of the questions we had (Cohort 1) last sem (which we discovered in the end): What’s the difference between phonological awareness and phonemic awareness?

And here’s a video too. A child on Ellen Show (I googled like crazy but still couldn’t get his name) who loves vacuum cleaners. Check out the power of environmental print (and the interest of a child that spurs print awareness), and basically just how adorable he is when he talks about what he likes.

“mine? to keep?”