20 years in Singapore

To commemorate their 20 years in Singapore, Wheelock College has published a special publication to mark the progress of the College in Singapore and how it’s grown and developed into what we know Wheelock College, Singapore is today. For those who were with me in Boston in June this year, you might remember a photographer taking photographs of us at the resource centre as well as group photos. So be sure to look out for your unglam photos (like mine, haha).

To view the publication, click here.


Boston, 2010

Just in case you were wondering,

Cohort 3 is doing fabulously well in Boston!

That (dreaded) Meningitis Jab

Hi Girls from Cohort 3!

I know everyone’s scurrying to finish up our final assignments as well as figure out all the paperwork that we have to do for Boston, but please read this article and think about taking the Meningitis jab!

Excerpt from the article:

SINGAPOREAN Neha Suri, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, died in the United States on Tuesday (Wednesday, Singapore time), a little more than a week after contracting bacterial meningitis.

She had been in a medically induced coma since Jan 26, a day after she was diagnosed with the rare infection, which causes swelling of the membranes protecting the brain and spinal cord.

I’m not trying to scare you girls into taking it but just please consider. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

– Samantha

Home ground

The journey back home was an adventure itself and i’ll like to thank each and everyone of the girls for the wonderful job well done. For the true wheelockian spirit that shines in times of crisis, i really thank all of you. For the wonderful leadership well done, for rising to the challenges that came, thank you Yi En & Lydia. For the support & guidance, thank you Suraya & Geraldine and not forgetting Juliet too. Without everyone playing their part, nothing will be possible. Thanks. 🙂 We’ve made it girls!

We ‘ve safely landed here in Singapore and we’ve met with our family, friends and loved ones. The flight back home was not as horrible but nevertherless it was a very long flight home.Memories of the past 5 weeks will be fondly remembered by all of us. Through the life there, we’ve certainly bonded as a cohort and in the words of Yi En, the past 5 weeks in Boston were the best experiences we have had.

I believe that not even 24 hours after reaching Singapore, all of us are missing Boston already! It’ll be weird to wake up the next morning not finding your roomate beside you. There won’t be any more ‘rushing to the toilet to shower’, no more queing for the microwave, laundry & breakfast early in the morning. We wont be able to hear footsteps running in the middle of the night, we wont be able to roam around from room to room or just hang out even if its 3 in the morning. There wont be no more walks to Shaws or Staples or to school.We will miss all of that.

It’s a surreal feeling to be back in Singapore & the sense of loss still lingers. We will look foward to seeing everybody there again in 5 years time.

Cohort 3, you’ll experience it soon enough 😉

Now that we’re back, we cant wait to see everyone and meet the juniors! We’ll also pray that Suraya will safely land Singapore as her flight got delayed due to thunderstorms in Boston.

Now with all that said & done, once again, Great Job Everyone!


Welcome Home Girls!

Greetings from Singapore!

Dear Learners of Cohort #2,

After some 30 odd hours of travel, I am finally HOME!!  Miss you all but am glad to be back to the hum-drum of what I know is life as usual for me.

Thank you so much for the HUGE card that you left at the room door the day of my departure… It was interesting trying to read it without having the music play cos Suraya and I had such a shock when I first opened it! I am touched by all your wonderful messages – THANK YOU!

It is 7.25am Tuesday morning here (7.25pm Monday night for you) and I can picture in my head the various  activities you must be engaged in now… dinner, shopping, doing homework etc… Hope the day was fun.

I look forward to reading all your escapades. Keep them coming! 🙂

Best wishes and regards,

PS. Having Lontong for breakfast later… Hee!

Gotcha! Got ME!!

Dear Learners of Cohort #2,

Thank you so much for the “farewell” pizza supper last night. Words cannot describe all the emotions that were running through me from the moment Syafiqah and Yi En came knocking on the room door. Seeing all of you huddling in the space (in the dark, for I don’t know how long) I was moved to tears 🙂 THANK YOU FOR ALL THE THOUGHTFULNESS and EFFORT; I am very grateful 🙂 and there is something about standing in front of some 60 plus students, bare-faced and in sleepwear – it was such a GOTCHA! moment!!!

To Syafiqah, Yi En, Shron, Tiffany and Charlene – thank you for all the drama! I am sure Sue Kosoff and John Bay will be proud of your performance 🙂 I know I was!

To Lydia (and I am mentioning her cos she was the loudest and most vocal) and gang, thank you for walking the distance to buy the pizza and drinks; I know who to call on for the events committee for the student organisation. Your stealth organisation skills are note worthy! 🙂

And for all who made the effort to stay up and loose some sleep for the pizza party; thank you, thank you! 🙂

Today is the 4th of July,  so enjoy yourselves with all the activities you will find in the city – this will be an experience that you will consider as one of the great highlights in the social events section of the summer. Be safe, travel in groups and watch out for each other – indoors and outdoors. (from Geri’s Commandments – heh!)

I ask that you extend the warmth and hospitality that I have experienced to Suraya. I am sure she will find it helpful if you share the directions for places of interests, shopping, makan and so on…

Please continue to share your stories and photos on the student organisation site (cos I am resistant to face book!) and be kind with the postings from last night 🙂  I look forward to seeing them.

Be well and see you all in Singapore!

With cherished memories, Geri