Contact Information

There are two ways you can contact the administrators of the blog, and the organization:

  1. Email us! (More details below)
  2. Leave a comment on any of the postings! However, you shouldn’t choose this option if you need to communicate personal info about yourself which you may not want the whole of the net to know of, such as your email address!

Students, if you need help, feel free to email or leave a comment too regarding your query.

For faculty members – if you would like us to link you to this website, or you would like to use this site as part of your teaching, let us know!

For anyone else who might be interested in finding out more about us, we want to hear from you!

To reach us via email,

Type your message in the huge blank box below including your contact information, which will not be displayed anywhere on the web portal. The message typed in this box goes direct to the admin’s email account!


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