How To Figure Out the U.S of A Currency?

Hello again ladies!

After some  technical difficulties, here is the next video called Money Mind, directed, acted, and produced by Nurrafidah, Siti Nurafida, Michelle and Amalina! Thank you ladies for your efforts. Beautiful video. =)


Video Telecast #2: “Dorm Life

Hello everyoneess..

Here’s the 2nd video telecast “Dorm Life”  Hope you all enjoy it.

Zu er,Manjula, Drizzle and me (Sandra) proudly present to you “Welcome to room 240” ..

Happpyyyy Chinese Newww Year in advance!


P.s.:This video was based on real life (Boston) events.

Manjula and zuer are still rocking buddies who care deeply for one another.

Look out for Awesome Buskers in Boston!


while i was whiling away trying not to do my readings, [ehem!] i decided to insert some videos of entertainers we met at Boston.

Calling out all budding performers and musicians. Watch these videos!






And more!!!!

Watch out  for them during your R&R. There are a lot of buskers performing at Quincy Market. For more information, come join us during the Orientation Event in March!




Hello ladies!

Recently I introduced to everyone from Cohort One to the launching of a Video Telecast on “How to Survive Boston”. I have invited the ladies to be vloggers, commercial marketeers, and short-film makers for the video. I understand that some of you may still wonder what the heck these Video Telecasts are about.


As part of our preparation for the Orientation Day for the Boston Immersion Program this year, the Orientation Committee has decided to reach out to our learners from the first batch to come up with ideas on how they can share their experiences to our peers in Cohort 2. I decided that to develop creative ways of communication, we can use the Number One medium which we are interested in today – YOUTUBE & BLOGGING!

Being a YouTube addict myself [ehem], I decided that we can keep our learners informed of the Boston experience through this telecast.


You can use any form of video recording, from your typical handphone or digital camera video settings, Semi DSLR camera, and if you can grab hold of the good old video recorder of course. You can even use your WEB-CAM! =P

If you do NOT have any recording devices, you can even use a slideshow of pictures taken while you were in Boston, and post it as a video right here on the student portal.

I recommend all to use Windows Movie Maker or Windows Movie Maker Beta. Mac Users also have an awesome software for movie editing!


My dear, dear darlings! Our videos can be from 30 second videos, 7 minute vlogs, or even 45 minute short film. Your experience, Your sharing ideas! As long as we get to share our experiences to our peers.


I handed out a telecast schedule on the first day of school. To those who did not get a chance to see the schedule I have posted the schedule below, complete with the names of learners who has decided to contribute their creativity to this cause. Also, I have inserted the date of the Video Telecast every Friday at 8PM.


So remember! It’s about sharing your experience and re-living the memories. If anyone is wondering how vlogs are made, log on to and type great vlogger names such as ‘whatswithadam’ and ‘frezned’.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me at or through my mobile [ask me] if you have any queries regarding the video telecast.

To those who have already voiced out theor interest to contribute, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those who have not, I invite you to watch and enjoy the video telecasts.


Nur Suhaili a.k.a Elivideo-telecast-on-wheelock-college1

First room on the second floor!

So all of you have seen what goes on behind room 204! So neat and tidy!

Now, it’s my turn to share with you as to what goes on behind the first room on the second floor….



So Jia Hui mentioned that we had lots of food and stuff in our room,well this was what happened, when you have four excited girls shopping at the supermarket without their parents.We just couldn’t help ourselves! Everything looked good to us and thought why not stock up, right?!

Saratha and Valery!

Going shopping with fellow floormates:Saratha and Valery!

We bought everything from detergents to beverages, food and more food!With all that food, we had small parties in the room from breakfast to lunch to dinner and supper!


Dinner Parties!
Parties in the room!
Besides the fun that we had organising our food for the different meals, we often thought about our loved ones, our dear bears were among the people we turned to! As caring individuals, we wanted the best for them too, thus decided to open a mini bear care centre. This is to ensure that our bears were in good hands while we are working hard in school, mind you, we accept bears of different sizes with varying needs and a cow and a bunny too!
Bear Care!

Left to right:Sweetheart, Cute, Lovely, Esperanza and Bunny!

Aaah…The memories of Boston continues to linger in our minds 🙂 So, this was what happened when you put four girls in a room! You get lots of fun! And our neighbours were often welcomed to join in the fun!

That’s all ladies, have a wonderful holiday and looking forward to seeing everyone on 5th January 2009!

Room 204!

Since Jiahui and Shuling have got the ball rolling… Here’s their neighbour, room 204…

room 204 a

i spent my first two hours in 204 cleaning and arranging…

room 204 b

ikea bags are absolutely handy for trips to the laundry… and i love my clean white welcome ‘mat’ – nobody dares to step into my room without clean bare feet (and a high tolerance of my idiosyncrasies…)

room 204 - c

you can tell that i have VERY curious neighbours. hi gekling, jiahui, shuling and daph…….. hi 🙂


who’s the next neighbour?