Amazing Hunt 2011

Hello everyone!

I bet most of you know already but here’s the official poster done up for the Amazing Hunt! If you haven’t done so, please let Edwina (Cohort 3) or Melisa (Cohort 4) know that you’re interested in joining us.

Goodie bags & prizes up for grabs so come & join us on Saturday!

Start 2010 with the Back-to-school Bash!

Hello to all the girls from COHORT 2 and 3! Hope you girls had a fulfilling holiday (especially cohort 2, LAST HOLIDAY!)! Before we pile ourselves with reflections and assignments, let’s start our semester with a BANG!

The Event Committee has organized a BACK TO SCHOOL BASH (WOO~) and is cordially inviting ALL OF YOU (yeah you!!!) to attend this fun-filled night! Attractive prizes and mouth-watering dinner will be provided!

Date: 6th January 2010 (Wednesday)

People attending: BRAINY LECTURERS  &

PRETTY GIRLS (from current cohorts of Wheelock College, Singapore)

Agenda: FOOD and GAMES!

Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, place to be confirmed

Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

For more details, you can contact Yan Yan at 97369465 or Karryn at 94778086.

You can also let either of us know if you are coming for the event.

Hope to see you there. Don’t miss out the fun =P

How do we celebrate?

Its finally the end of Semester! And how else do Singaporeans mark any celebrations? MAKAN of course!

Wheelock College have arranged for a special lunch reception for all Wheelock College learners on Mon, 28 Sep 09, at 12 nn, to mark the successful ending of yet another semester by you . David and Rajes hope that all Wheelock learners will be there!  So Cohort 2 & cohort 3, do come down for the lunch session to which our lecturers have also been invited.

See you girls there!

Thank You!

Hi everyone,
As all of you know, the Student Organization’s Events Committee held a “Back-to-School” event this past week on the 7th of January at 5:00pm at Level 8 of Blk 53.
Being the Head of Events Committee, I want to extend my gratitude out to everyone who attended this event and made it possible.
From the mind-boggling “Human Knot” activity, to the insightful sharings about Boston and academics in the degree and last but not least, to the light refreshments that was provided - everyone involved made the “Back-to-School” event such a success from beginning to end.
Thus, I just want to take my time personally to thank everyone who came and participated in this event.
Thank You to Dr. David Fedo for his welcome speech during the start of the event.
A special Thank You to Rajes, whom was not able to attend but whose presence is never forgotten for all the things that she has done for all of us.
Thank You to Cynthia, our President of the Student Organization for making this group possible.
The most important individual that hosted the entire event from start to finish, Suhaili, Thank You.
Thank you to Fu Nai, the Advisor for the Event Committe, for being there to advise me throughout this event.
And most importantly, Thank You to Durrah who captured the memories of the event for us.
Thank You to the Lecturers whom despite an entire day of teaching still managed to drop by:
- Susan Fedo
- Susan Harris Sharples
- Ruth Wong
- Kathleen Reed
- Yvonne Chan
- Geraldine Zuzarte
- Jason Teo
Thank You to all the Students whom despite the assignments still managed to drop by:
Cohort 1
- Choo Wan Ting
- Josephine Choo
- Chua Choo Ngoh
- Faezah Bte Ju
- Fariza Binte Fauzi
- Drizzle Hshieh
- Jamie Bong
- Joseph Audrey Marie
- Sharon Lim
- Eileen Lim
- Lim Yu Jie
- Shereen Low
- Manjula D/O Joseph
- Michelle Joesoosay Thomas
- Nur Elena Bte Shahruldin
- Jasmine Quek
- Saratah D/O Ramasamy
- See Yun Reei
- She Weiting
- Shepherdson Laura Noelle
- Sandra Sim
- Siti Nurrafidah Binte Samat
- Tai Jia Hui
- Tan Gek Ling
- Valery Toh
- Yeo Wan Lin
Cohort 2
- Jasmine Chong
- Chua Pei Lin
- Dawn Hu
- Yvonne Lee
- Rina Lin
- Jacelyn Low
- Nur Amalina Bte Zaini
- Isabella Ong
- Samantha Chia
- Shron D/O Sugumaran
- Tan Yi En
- Tan Yi Ni
Last but not least, I want to say a big Thank You to the Events Committee Team:
- Games Committee: Jasmine Chua (C2)
                                Laura Tan (C2)
                                Karryn Kam (C2)
                                Gladys Ng (C2)
                                Charlane Lee (C2)
                                Lau Jia Min (C1)
                                Daphne Cher (C1)
                                Zheng Shu Ling (C1)
- Food Committee: Rita Lim (C1)
                             Quek Weilin (C1)
                             Pamela Ang (C2)
- Administration/Finance: Nur Fazelah Bte Ahmad (Ella) (C2)
                                       Cai Wanqin (C2)
                                       Stephanie Ng (C2)
Thank you all for making the event such a success!
Do watch this space for the photos that will be posted up soon!
In addition, I hope everyone will continue their exchanges online. So do continue to post up any of your queries!
Yin Jie
Head of Events Committee
Student Organization
Wheelock College – Singapore
Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Educational Studies and Leadership

Wheelock Student Organisation 1st Event!! Back to School Event

Ok, I know a lot of people had been wondering where has the Event Comm disappear too… And here we are!

On the 7th Jan 2009, everyone in the Wheelock College is invited to join us in the “Back- To- School” Event. Scheduled to take place right after our class at 5pm, there will be games and dinner provided. This event will be the first time that both cohorts can get to know each other well, to form networks and friendship. It will also includes time for our all time favourite topic- Boston! for discussion. We believe that Cohort 2 is excited about the trip and Cohort 1 is more than willingly to share. =)

So everybody, remember our date on the 7th Jan 2009!

Meanwhile, enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

-=Yin Jie=-

PS: We will update more info like location etc as the date approach, so look out for us =)

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Btw, for girls who have not attempted the survey on ‘Learners’ Working Experience’, we strongly encourage your participation (and just five minutes) to fill it up. We will be collating the results and speaking to David and Geraldine. There are plans to explore how to help us, the degree students of this program, investigate and secure good working positions. The survey will aid greatly in facilitating successful and meaningful support to all of you. 

So, please do give your 5-minutes and click here!

Reflection on our visit to The Caterpillar’s Cove

A day at The Caterpillar's Cove

A day at The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar’s Cove, is a child-development study centre, hence there are different aspects of the centre that are different and unique in a way or another as compared to other childcare centres that we have had experiences at. We were honored to have a chance to visit and know more about the child-development study centre hosted by Geraldine.


A unanimous agreement that we have learned in during the visit was the importance of having a well-planned and well-designed environment in which children are able to be comfortable and maximize their learning experience and also where parents are able to feel invited and be in a setting that is non-threatening and warm. The Caterpillar’s Cove emphasizes on the unique design of their furniture, the arrangement of various materials and the different purposes for each materials used. From the use of soft materials to creating an environment that is warm and cozy for the children; to the curves in the design of furniture which act like a pair of huggable arms to the children; to exposure of nature for the children through the open-ended outdoor play environment which helps children to have interactions and explore their own creativity; and lastly, the display of children’s learning within the environment. These provide a sense of child-centeredness in the centre, which we believe will make learning more enjoyable and fun.


The Caterpillar’s Cove creates an environment that is also welcoming to parents. The Cove maximizes the interaction and the opportunity to build rapport with the parents by utilizing different areas in the centre. For example, the lobby, which sets a warm and inviting aura, allows parents to feel more comfortable when they have to drop-off their child before a hectic day or when they are picking up their child after a busy day at work. The environment relaxes them, which helps to improve the communication between parents and teachers. In addition, the plans that the Cove have with regards to Parent-Teacher Meeting and the informal communication with parents was wonderful. It allows us to understand the importance of positive and constant communication with parents for the benefit of the children.


We have definitely enjoyed our tour around the Cove, and would like to thank Geraldine for giving us this precious opportunity. The visit to the Caterpillar’s Cove was indeed insightful and empowering. We believe that the experience has inspired and enriched us on how we can improve on the current centre that we are at, or even our own beliefs and passion in the Early Childhood setting.


Rita Lim: “Through the design, I saw how child development theories are used to create an environment that maximizes the learning opportunities for children.”


Josephine Choo: “With a team of educators that are passionate about improving children’s environment, nothing is really impossible to create and build.”


Cynthia Tan: “Cove is purpose-built and I believe their initiatives serve as ideas and inspirations for us when we work in our own centres – adaptability is key and being able to synthesize what we have experienced into our unique context is the competence I strive to achieve.”


Elena: “A welcoming, enriching environment can be obtained by any type of centre if teachers are willing to take risks and explore possibilities.”


Yeo WanLin: “I was once again reminded about the importance of making the environment a welcoming environment for both the children and the families. It has also taught me that the centre can become a third teacher, sending strong messages to the children and inviting the children to different activities. The visit for me has shows me that the environment should be organic and be molded to suit the needs of the children. Every single space can utilize, giving the best to the children.”


Yeo Fu Nai: “. It is that sense of child-centeredness when I stepped into The Caterpillar’s Cove that empowers me as a future educator to work towards a child-centered classroom. Furthermore, the thoughtful designs reflected in the environment, the immaculate considerations taken when under-going various projects and the curriculum itself no doubt has encouraged teachers who are working there to be invested in their belief towards education.”


Tai Jia Hui: “…, the centre should always be a home-like setting so as to welcome children, families and staffs.”