unleash the inner blogger in you.

Wanna stand to win a FREE wireless Microsoft mobile mouse worth $59??? What about some sleek looking Portable Audio Speakers??? Or anyone in need of a pair of smancy fancy headphones???

Here’s how:

1) You stumble across an abstract/poem/video/drawing/painting/photograph/story about CHILDREN, which you find very interesting/inspirational/enlightening (can be any form of media, as long as it is decent, pertaining to the ECH field, and can be posted on word press)

2) Hey, you can even post your own reflection (if you are not sick of writing some more) or someone else’s reflection or work (remember to CITE! no plagiarism please)

3) Log on to https://wheelocksingapore.wordpress.com/. Sign in to our portal with the following user name and password. (Click on WordPress, for more details on adding a post)

Cohort 4
Username: cohortfour
Password: wheelockcohort4

Cohort 3
Username: wheelockcohortthree
Password: cohortthree

4) Type, copy, embed, attach or link the necessary info to the post and WAHLA! You are done! Your post will be automatically selected for our title of the ‘Most Interesting blog post’

5) Winners will be selected by our Dean, David Fedo and our Student Org advisor, Siew Hong.

6) Please remember to sign off your beautiful NAME, and state which cohort you are from, so that we can identify you, and know you are actually eligible for this giveaway

7) There is no limit to how many entries one participant may submit

Let’s hear that mouse click away! Have fun blogging!


Gamache & Pinson’s Kinderkids

hey, here’s a website/ blog of a kindergarten class. thought it was very interesting. food for thought on how we might start on exploring ways to integrate technology into an early childhood classroom. the landscape is changing and i do believe in the need for us as educators to keep up and use technology in ways that can enhance learning and manifest what is child-centred. technology IS here to stay – what are we going to do with it? what opportunities does this present? what does this mean for us as educators?