HDP 362 Session 3 – Playspace Model and Extension Assignment Rubrics

Dear Learners of Cohort 1,

As mentioned in class today, please find attached the playspace model and rubrics for your upcoming assignment.  I can’t believe we have only 1 more session! David and I are looking forward to your presentations on 8 April.

Playspace Model and Assignment Rubrics

Best regards,



ACEI’s Position Paper on Play

Dear Cohort 1 Learners,

I hope your visits to the designated playgrounds have been enriching and you were able to make a good evaluation using the checklist provided.  I also hope that you were able to spend some time this week doing the required readings for the extension classes.

Please find attached the link for the Position Paper on Play from the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) that we will be discussion next Wednesday 25th Feb.


Wishing you a good week and looking forward to seeing all of you soon 🙂

Best regards,


How to Assess, and How Not To


Short excerpt that I got in my mail: key tips to assessment, concise and makes very much sense. Something to paste on our classroom shelf in the future!

ExchangeEveryDay, 5 Feb 09

Play Session 2 Feb 09

Hi Girls,

Here are the two links to the videos mentioned during class:



Here are the questions for the videos as well as Juli’s questions in her reflection about observations.


Have a good week!


PS: Sorry girls, for the video links, you will need to sign up for a 14-day trial to be able to view them, just realized.