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AECES Lifelong Learning Workshops Calendar 2009

Hey girls,

This is in relation to what Rajes had sent to our Wheelock mails about Aeces’ Lifelong Learning Workshops. Pretty interesting and there’s even one on public speaking. Do check it out though I know we’ve got a really tight schedule. The link is a direct link to Aeces’ PDF and it includes the details of each workshop.


Online poll – ‘Field work’ hours?

Hey all, David has asked for some informal feedback! 

Some students gave feedback regarding the artifact collection process for our module on Professional Portfolio Development. Some felt that they had difficulties looking for artifacts to document, including those who have not had full-time working experience.

To help us in this, David is wondering if clocking in some ‘field work’ hours as part of the degree program can contribute to the quality of the program. The hours to clock in will be minimal (example: 10 hours – in a span of 2 years!) – the objective is to provide us with a framework and structure to document our working experiences. Students can write a short reflection together with the field work experience, which can contribute to our artifact collection for our portfolios.

We figured that many of us work in early childhood settings during the term breaks and it would be a waste not to document these experiences, especially if we are applying very much of what we are learning from the degree.

The ‘field work’ hours will not be graded – they are a means to help us connect knowledge and practice. This is just an idea and David would like to hear us out, and even better, provide other suggestions as to how the program can connect knowledge learnt and field practice more explictly. Your ideas may not affect your course of study right now but your input will help the next few cohorts!

A casual poll, send your thoughts! You can leave a comment too if you’ve got additional input regarding this issue!