Just a few simple but important guidelines to keep as we make use of this space… 2 Rs!

Respect for one another 

  • This space encourages lively and respectful exchanges to foster learning, dialogue and networking. In your postings, do take due regard for the feelings and rights of others and we do not post content that are spam, inappropriate or defamatory. 
  • Adhering to the ethics of educators, we do not post any pictures of the children we may work with. Do ask for permission from involved parties as well before you post up videos/ pictures of them. 

Recognize your sources

  • Please give credit to the sources for information you post that does not belong to you, such as quoted text, images and videos (we don’t need an APA stylesheet of course). Acknowledge with “Credits: _______”/ add a link to the source.
These guidelines will ensure a pleasant and fruitful experience in using this network portal!

PS: Remember that this network is shared by both cohorts and it would be useful to include information that will help everybody understand more clearly what you’re sharing about!

If you’re wondering what content is appropriate (or inappropriate) to post, refer to the Student Organization to read what this portal is for, or you can clarify with the admins before posting!


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