Online Websites to Purchase Children’s Toys

Hi Girls,

Here are some of the online toyshops that you have contributed during Kathy’s class earlier today.  Do spend some time looking through the list of complied websites as it gives us greater insights and ideas of the toys that can be purchased of the shelves and also created on our own. Have fun browsing through! Here’s the list:


Bear Hunt video

Hi everyone,

I was looking for some teaching resources and found this online. Guess you’ve heard of the story, “We’re going on a bear hunt”, written by Michael Rosen? This video is Michael Rosen performing the bear hunt story. It’s really interesting, can’t stop watching it over and over again 😀 Check it out!

Toddler Resources for Teachers

Hi everyone!

I was searching for toddlers activities and I came across this website which is free and cater specifically to toddlers! They do have updates regularly and the activities are catergorized according to some topics and for both large and individuals. Apart from tht, this is a website that you can share with parents too so ya.

Do check it out if you need toddlers activities!

Jia Min

New Category: Teaching Resources!

Hey all,

Added a new category called ‘Teaching Resources’ – believe it’ll be very helpful to us! Here’s an avenue for us to share with one another any useful materials, and more so the ones which are unique, such as that shared by Shuling in the previous entry. It’ll give us some ideas when we step into our own classrooms! 

PS: Thank you Shuling, am adding this new category because of your initiative! I’ve checked your entry under this category already too =)

small magazine and toy-a-day

Hi all,

My mom introduced me to these websites and I think that it’s not bad. Do check them out! 😀

Small Magazine
This is an online free magazine full of kids’ stuffs. There’s drawings, recipes, d.i.y. tips and many more. We can get a lot of teaching ideas/inspirations from reading this. It’s really very awesome, do check it out! 😀

This is a year-long project where the creator will create and upload a paper toy everyday. So at the end of a year, there will be 365 toys uploaded in this website (SUPER COOL!). The steps are really easy to follow as well: find the toy that you want to make > download the PDF file (for FREE!) > print it out > fold it accordingly > TA~DA~ u have your toy! Can make it for our students, or ask them to make it themselves as well 😀 super fun!