Video Telecast #1: “How to Pack Your Bags for Boston!”

Hello ladies!

For the launch of our new Video Telecast Friday, we have here the first video contribution from our dear Nurlyana!!! Enjoy her video, and hope you find it useful for your trip.




8 thoughts on “Video Telecast #1: “How to Pack Your Bags for Boston!”

  1. Hey all..!

    I’m the first to comment..! Whee!
    Anyway, good job! Lyana, thanks for taking the effort for making this very short video.
    I’m sure the Cohort 2 girls will find this video very informative with regards to the items that needs to go into their bags!
    Go, Orientation Group, Go..!

    Well done..!
    Definitely looking forward to the future videos to come!

    fu nai

  2. hey lyana, thats so cool la. Here are some more advices to cohort 2:

    1. Bring 2 medium sized luggage instead of 1 big one (Students are allow to check in with 2 lugguages. 23kg PER luggage is the limit. They do not allow 1 luggage with 46kg.)

    2. I would encourage you guys to bring 2 luggages (any kind but have to be big). Some of my class-mates bought luggages in Boston as well. You may consider that as well.

    3. Airport charges are very very costly. They will charge you if your luggage exceed 23kg. Thus, try not to excceed the weight limit.

    best wishes, jiahui.

  3. Hey All!

    The video is interesting..Aahh memories of Boston…

    I agree with Jia Hui that you should bring big luggages…and don’t forget the bears….

  4. Hi all,

    the video is indeed informative 🙂 keep these videos coming. watching it makes me feel very excited for cohort 2!

    great job, orientation committee!

  5. Hey babes!

    Thanks for the comments! O, I’ve got another point to add, please do not pack a full bag ya, bcos you’ll really buy lots of things from Boston and you might not want to throw away your old clothes just to fit your goodies from Boston 🙂 Silly me, I threw out a lot of things and donated an iron to future wheelock students.


  6. HOWEVER – if you wanna control your spending at Boston, try to bring a smaller luggage. I know when ppl are there, they kinda go KERAY-ZEH!!!!!

    I so agree with Jia Hui, airport charges are so expensive! shop smart yeah?


  7. haha the video is great! Great job Lyana! I had fun watching it too.

    Ya I agree bring 2 big luggages and pack yr stuff separately in both to even out the weight (meaning half is empty…hehe). For me, I brought 2 small ones and I really squeeze everything into these 2 luggages. *phew* Well, before I went there, I actually wrote down a to-bring list to check and make sure I bring the things I need as well as to keep check I’m not overbringing.

    Trust me, if can share, share like shampoo, body bath, toothpaste etc. You can get them there at the supermarket which is a few streets down the dorm so fret not k?

    If you know who you sharing rm with, do plan together cause it really saves space. Believe me, you sure need space. Keep it simple cause when you come back, it won be tht simple with all the things you can buy!

    So exciting!!!(even if I not going hehe)

    I’m so looking forward to Fri for the next episode…we shld set up a Wheelock channel eh??

    Meanwhile….do yr reflections ppl!!! hahaha

  8. nice video!!! wanna go there again! can pick me in ur luggages dear cohort 2s? hahaz..

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