Do we really know what we think we know?

I believe that both cohort three and four had gone through the module on special needs, so there should be a basic understanding on autism. This is a video on a teenager with autism. Her name is Carly. Most people often take it for granted that people (including children) with autism cannot express how they feel. Although this video is not on children with special needs, but I believe that it will inspire us on the potential children can have and how our faith in them will encourage them to strive in this society that is full of judgement. After watching the video, do you think we really understand the world of children with special needs?

Ng Bee Ying

Cohort 3


Video- ” What Would You Do?’: Grocery Clerk With Special Needs”

Hi everyone, I am Jiahui from cohort 1. I saw this video ” What Would You Do?’: Grocery Clerk With Special Needs” recently from fb. Just wanted to share.

View it:

Quote: We must stand up for what is right, even if we are standing alone.


A One-Day Seminar- Enhancing the Potential of Pupils with Special Needs

Hello girls,

I came to know about this special needs workshop that is organized by St. Andrew’s Center for Early Childhood Education.  I thought you will be interested. I have attached the Flyer so you can find out more. It seems like the workshop gives pretty hands on strategies.

Here is the website if you would like to find out more:


How to Assess, and How Not To


Short excerpt that I got in my mail: key tips to assessment, concise and makes very much sense. Something to paste on our classroom shelf in the future!

ExchangeEveryDay, 5 Feb 09

Info from Yvonne regarding Inclusion in Singapore

Hey all, here are some resources I’m posting on behalf of Yvonne who has sourced for additional information (and information obtained from some of you) with relation to our discussion and queries last session. Useful for both cohorts – it’s about inclusionary practices in Singapore!

Guidelines for child care centre providing services for children with special needs

Enabling Masterplan: Early intervention and education for children with special needs

“Please note early intervention and education of children with special needs especially for those who are preschoolers are lead by social service sector. But in this Masterplan by MCYS it is highlighted that greater ownership by relevant government ministries is necessary.It is proposed that MOE and MOH set a panel for Early intervention and education and take ownership and lead in integrating services in education and therapy support for children with special needs.Other members could include MCYS, NCSS, Key VWOs etc. The will influence to move students and resources to preschools, mainstream and special schools.”