Toys, Marketing & Consumerism

Hi ladies!

I came across an interesting video and website about toy marketing and commercialization. Don’t know if anyone has seen them before, but nevertheless I just thought it be would be interesting to share 😀

If you can’t view the vid, the link is here: The whole film is on youtube too!

This website also has a lot of other resources related to the topic.




Returning of Extension Assignment for The Meaning and Development of Play – BSc Cohort #1

Dear learners of cohort #1,

I am pleased to inform you that I have completed grading all your assignments and have them ready for your collection at the Wheelock Office.

I will not be able to join you for the farewell lunch tomorrow because my grandfather passed on earlier today.  Please collect your assignments from Mr. Jason Teo who has kindly agreed to assist with this during the lunch.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each of you success and happiness in your future endeavours and “until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.” – excerpt from the irish blessing.

Congratulations! and I hope you see you at the commencement ceremony in June.

Best regards,


Jim Greenman will be missed

Dear Learners,

Just to let you know that Jim Greenman, the inspirational author and advocate for best environments for children and families passed on over the weekend.  It is a great loss to the field of early childhood education.  Please see the link below for further more details.



HDP 362 Session 3 – Playspace Model and Extension Assignment Rubrics

Dear Learners of Cohort 1,

As mentioned in class today, please find attached the playspace model and rubrics for your upcoming assignment.  I can’t believe we have only 1 more session! David and I are looking forward to your presentations on 8 April.

Playspace Model and Assignment Rubrics

Best regards,


Four—year—old boy injured by rusty metal bar at playground

I stumbled upon this news a few minutes ago. Since cohort 1 is currently learning about playground, I thought it is rather relevant. Lots of questions arise as I read through this piece of news. I was wondering about who are responsible for maintaining the neighborhood playgrounds and how often are these playgrounds maintained. As we know, neighborhood playgrounds are usually utilized by young children. I do hope that improvements can be done to playgrounds especially the ones in the neighbourhood so that children can safely use them as they enjoy their play.

This is the news which I have extracted from CNA.

SINGAPORE: Are town councils maintaining playground equipment regularly? That is the question the parents of a four—year—old boy are asking after he was injured by a rusty metal bar on Sunday night.

The incident, which occurred near Block 157 at Rivervale Crescent, left the boy with a three—centimetre cut on his head.

According to his parents, the playground is almost eight years old and in need of repair.

Checks with neighbours revealed that a similar incident involving another young boy took place a few months ago.

The playground has temporarily been closed and the Pasar Ris—Punggol Town Council said it is investigating the cause of the incident.

Channel NewsAsia – Tuesday, March 24

Collection of Assignments for The Meaning and Development of Play

Dear Learners of Cohort1,

Please be informed that your assignments from Prof. Kathy Reed will be returned to you on 18th March at our combined session.  You will be able to collect the assignments from 9.00-9.30am OR 11.30am-12.00pm in room 05-01/02.

Just a reminder for you to read ACEI’s position paper on Play for your next session with me on 25th March.

Thank you and best regards,