Entrepreneurship – Elevator Pitch!

Well recently I just downloaded a photo software (iLovePhotos) for Mac… and while browsing around about the company etc, guess what I found…

An “elevator pitch” by the CEO of Blue Lava Technologies, who created iLovePhotos! Remember what Mr. Leow was sharing regarding pitches? The rocket pitch and elevator pitch? 

And, there’s a whole load of elevator pitches over here (tech based)! http://pitches.techcrunch.com/

Quite interesting ‘cos people leave comments as well, it’s a site for founders/ CEOs to pitch their startups.


Social Entrepreneurs: Pioneering Social Change

to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

we think to ourselves, how can we impact society positively [without manipulation and self-gain] through enterprising? to those who feel that entrepreneurial participation is too radical for them, check this video out:

god bless,