Video Telecast #2: “Dorm Life

Hello everyoneess..

Here’s the 2nd video telecast “Dorm Life”  Hope you all enjoy it.

Zu er,Manjula, Drizzle and me (Sandra) proudly present to you “Welcome to room 240” ..

Happpyyyy Chinese Newww Year in advance!


P.s.:This video was based on real life (Boston) events.

Manjula and zuer are still rocking buddies who care deeply for one another.


13 thoughts on “Video Telecast #2: “Dorm Life

  1. Sandra and gang,

    good job on the video. =)
    It has your group character in itl Lol. And the events are all so real, make me think of the time we were in Boston.

  2. HAHAHA! thank you for sharing this in a very light-hearted manner 🙂 it is definitely a good advice and reminder for the next cohort!

  3. You girls are cute and funny la….
    I agree with doing the reflections in Singapore….Good advice girls!

  4. Haha this is really funny man, expecially the microwave part…ahh the things we take for granted. This is a great video to show how we shld appreciate our friends.

    Good Job!

  5. wahlao,

    the songs are sooooooooo Korean-drama man. props to you guys for parody-ing the experience. THANKS TO SANDRA, DRIZZLE, MANJULA, AND ZU ER for being awesome sports in making this video possible. you guys will be remembered. ahahah!

  6. one more thing:

    you guys are )*^&%#&%$@&^*^)(^)(%$$$&^(R%$#%$#&%&^*()!!!!!

    everytime must remember the accident mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…*mutters under her breath* everytime must say one everytime. nangbotinang. tuibotitui.

    P.S: btw, Laura love, i didn’t thank you!!!! argh! silly me. I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU! nice twirling btw.ehem.

  7. that’s because i was the guest star. 🙂
    but you’re welcome!

    i feel so honoured to have guest-starred in the video.

    i’d like to thank my most awesome mates(YAY!), the microwave, the magazine, the office, rajes, my mom, my dad, my sister, my other sister, my imaginary hamster/dog/cat/fish/terrapin.did i miss anyone?heh.

  8. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL for the kind and loverly comments…i would like to say thank you thank you thank you…THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TO YOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  9. Hey Girls!!! It’s Amy from Wheelock…remember me? I’m at work right now and Lauren directed me to your website. Great stuff! I love the videos:) Hope you all are well… we miss you over here!

    Stay in touch,


  10. Hi Amy!!!!! (^W^)Yes! we remember you~ Thanks for watching the videos, hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them~ Stay tune for more videos~ (~V~)

    Take care! (^~^)

  11. Hey ppl! Thank you for enjoying our video!

    Yes Amy! WE REMEMBER YOU!!! You help us a great deal in Boston, how will we forget you?! ^^

    Take CaRe everyone!


    ~Love Love~

  12. Thanks everybody … Yes Amy we remember and miss you alot. =)

    Stay tune. we have another video coming up soon =)

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